The global anti-aging solution for the body. Tones the body, firms the skin and promotes all-over regeneration.

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Global anti-aging body serum with toning, firming and regenerating properties that prevent sagging and restore smoothness and elasticity of the tissues. An exclusive combination of biotechnological active ingredients – including growth factors, peptides, stem cells and an energizing botanical that acts against hormonal imbalances – provides surprising anti-aging results for the entire body. Application becomes an extraordinary sensory experience. It helps break the cycle of dryness and dehydration for a firmed and toned skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially for mature skin.
  • Firming, toning and stimulating properties.
  • Activates cell regeneration.
  • Visibly reduces all signs of aging in the body: smoothes, restores firmness and elasticity.
  • Combats sagging skin due to the hormonal imbalances of menopause.
  • Makes application an extraordinary sensory experience.
Active ingredients


  • Blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils that act on the cellular repair processes, visibly minimizing the signs of skin aging.


  • VEG-ENERGY PEPTIDE: Through increased nutrient concentration, this natural peptide provides energy and helps implement natural protein synthesis in the skin's extracellular matrix, which promotes elastin production.*
  • GLYCO-REGEN PROTEIN: Optimizes cell regeneration. Implements natural synthesis of collagen and of the nutrients essential to cutaneous cell renewal while improving epidermal firmness*.
  • MENO TARGET: Peptide derived from artichoke leaf. Combats skin aging caused by the hormonal imbalances associated with menopause. Acts at several levels: stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents collagen degeneration, helps thicken the skin tissue, and preserves the moisture rate, fighting the appearance of wrinkles and signs of age.*
  • POLY-ACTIVE BOTANICAL PEPTIDE: Peptide complex that implements the skin's physiologi- cal defense against oxydative stress.* Reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
  • CELLULAR DIVISION ACTIVATOR: Acts on the multiplication of cell divisions, slowing the aging process.* Makes the skin more compact and elastic.
  • VITAMIN PP: A multi-function vitamin with the capacity to regulate the skin's moisture. It stimulates the physiological synthesis of collagen, lightens the skin, attenuates age spots.* Three actions that help significantly improve the skin's appearance.

  • IMMEDIATE REMODELING TRIPEPTIDE: Helps stimulate the fibroblasts' biomechanical function, reorganizes and compacts the collagen fiber network. Smoothes fine lines and improves skin compactness.
  • FIRMING AGENT: Derived from sesame. Spreads smoothness throughout the epidermis and helps significantly increase moisture levels.

  • HYDRATING MATRIX: Excellent compensating action, prevents dryness and maintains results over the long term.

* As shown by clinical research and laboratory tests.

How to use
  • Use after taking a bath or shower.
  • Apply a generous, even layer to the entire body. Quick absorption allows to get dressed soon after application.