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A powerful anti-aging treatment for the face and neck.

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The Functional Anti-Aging Cream offers a powerful anti-aging treatment for the face and neck, which renders the skin supple and smooth, while preventing deep wrinkles, expression lines, loss of tone and lack of vitality. Most suitable for mature skin.

• Prevents deep wrinkles and expression lines.
• Unifies the skin and improves thickness and elasticity.

Active ingredients
  • CHENOT COMPLEX ™: Enriched with the exclusive, proprietary Chenot Complex™ to combat the effects of intrinsic aging, this targeted formulation provides a unique anti-aging solution that delivers an unparalleled performance on the structural changes observed in aged skin:
    1. Combats the glycation of proteins that occurs when excess sugar molecules bind to collagen and elastin fibres, altering their biomechanical properties and life-span;
    2. Supports DNA methylation, vital to repair and healthy gene signalling;
    3. Reduces chronic inflammation due to aging and strengthens the skin's defence system;
    4. Protects from oxidative stress caused by the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).
  • CARRIER TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM: It binds and promotes the penetration of the bioactive ingredients, multiplying the benefits, particularly when combined with Chenot Boosters.
    In addition:
    1. Its molecular structure creates a "second skin" effect that seals, locks and protects the skin;
    2. With rigid receptors capable of retaining a high quantity of water, it blocks transepidermal evaporation;
    3. The increase of hydration in the stratum corneum facilitates the bioavailability of the active ingredients delivered with Chenot Boosters;
    4. The skin is hydrated and protected from external aggressions and pollution.
  • RETINALDEHYDE: It is a form of vitamin A, well tolerated in mature skin that binds proteins to the skin matrix. It unifies the skin, improves its thickness and elasticity and reduces its epidermal roughness.  Retinaldehyde further enhances the repairing and protective effects of the Chenot Complex™.
How to use

For best results, use in combination with the Chenot Boosters that are most adapted to your skin concerns.
Morning and evening apply the Chenot Boosters onto cleansed and toned face and neck. Follow with the Cream. Delicately massage in circular movements. The Carrier Technology System will bind all bioactive ingredients and seal the skin for effective results.